We are working, using online communication, to cause a paradigm shift in the way we learn, in the way we work, and in the way we manage organisations.

For those who want to organise workshops and train others online,
For those who want to introduce online communication methods into the way we communicate in the workplace,
For those who want to change the way we work remotely.

For those people, we provide these services.

Become part of this paradigm shift where the existence of life is valued, where everyone lives their life to the fullest, where everyone feels that they are enough.

To realize our mission, we currently have eight plans.

  1. Research towards a paradigm shift from the mechanistic paradigm to an ecological paradigm based on the Henri-Louis Bergson and David Joseph Bohm’s philosophy, quantum biology, theory U, NVC, and process work, etc.
  2. Progress the paradigm shift of mindset where people can connect with themselves and believe that everyone has the ability to grow by themselves.
  3. Progress the paradigm shift of education to improve flipped learning, blended learning and social learning based on student centered learning philosophy.
  4. Progress the paradigm shift of community where diversity and inclusion are source of community creation.
  5. Progress the paradigm shift of communication where communication become multi-directional and interactive and cyclic and expand to online.which can change school, community and organization to open system.
  6. Progress the paradigm shift of organization where all members have ownership, and access their wholeness and their interactive communication achieve self-organization.
  7. Progress the paradigm shift of conference where we meet not only real world but also online community and co-create many projects by online team.
  8. Progress the paradigm shift of society based on two loops model. We want to connect innovators each other in online community and want to happen trans local.
  • Online workshop
    We provide online workshops about self-organization, online communication, online learning, and flipped learning.
  • Consultation service
    Helping with the self-organization of community and organisations
    Helping bringing training online
    Helping manage online learning communities
    Helping improve communication within organisations by using online communication
  • Planning and management of online events
    Online world cafes
    Online future sessions
    Online open space technology

Masato Tahara


Born in 1971, Masato Tahara specialised in biophysics in Waseda University, eventually going on to earn a Master's degree. There, he studied theoretical physics of the self organising mechanisms of slime mold.

After graduating university, he became a physics teacher and has published 9 books on physics, targeted to high school students and adults.

He set up his first company in Japan, in 2004, to provide online courses on physics, following his teaching method. He then went on to set up a second company in Singapore, starting flipped learning and facilitating online workshops in 2012.

He is a manager of an online community about flipped learning, consisting of 4600 people, making it the biggest in Japan. He also happens to be the only Japanese ambassador for the FLGI ( Flipped Learning Global Initiative ), and a member of the IAF Japan ( International Association of Facilitators Japan ) board.

He believes that online communication and online facilitation will cause a massive social change, and has furthermore, developed his method for organising online workshops throughout the years.